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David Raposa

A passion for preserving the past led Dave Raposa to his unique position as one of Los Angeles’s most expert Realtors specializing in landmark and period homes. As City Living's broker/owner, David emphasizes quality service as he supervises a core of real estate agents who work in historic neighborhoods.

David has served on the board of both the L.A. Conservancy and West Adams Heritage Association, and currently sits on the University Park Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ) Board. He sees himself as an educator as he brings potential buyers to meet residents, and view examples of well-done restorations.

"It's both about how you preserve the house and why you would want to buy in this neighborhood," explains David, who has personally restored more than twenty vintage and landmark homes. Several of these homes had been viewed by others as beyond redemption when Raposa tackled the project, yet are now city landmarks or nationally registered historic buildings.

David is currently restoring, literally from top to bottom, the Joseph Lee Starr Dairy Farmhouse, an 1888 Victorian cottage which is a Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument. It is the last physical reminder of Jefferson Park’s agricultural history before the neighborhood was developed, in the early 1900s, as a Craftsman Bungalow enclave. Before David purchased it, the Starr Farmhouse was deemed a nuisance by City officials. Prior owners had not only let it deteriorate, they had demolished and removed many of its pieces. David is working hard to preserve the historic materials and restore this landmark farmhouse according to Secretary of Interior Standards, in order to make it once again a house the community can proudly point to.

Most of David’s real estate clients are creative professionals who are looking for historic houses to restore and live in. They can rely on his expertise not just in architecture and restoration but also in the complicated maze of today's real estate financing: Raposa has an MBA from Harvard and was a successful CPA before transforming his career to preserving vintage homes and neighborhoods.

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